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  • i played on the server for 3 month and i've recently discoverd something very off about the server's Adminstation capability
    lots of hackers and cheaters are destroying the servers economy and stuff members are doing almost nothing about that
    so i wanted to ask you if i can be a Moderator because i want the server to be better and i want to fix all of the problems and because im very active
    and i want to help.
    I agree with Bacon Toes, could you at least start another revamp and bring back creative, prison, etc. It will at least keep mythcraft packed instead of just leaving the server dead. If you need help with advertising then I'm here to help for the future revamp! :D
    We are working on something big, we'll have an update soon for the community!
    Alright, awesome!
    Are you seriously just going to let Mythcraft stay dead? Why did you even take the server if you weren tgoing to take care of it.
    We are working on something big, we'll have an update soon for the community!
    Hello, do you think it is wise to ban kids for simply talking about other servers. My son accidentally wrote the hypixel url and received a ban for advertising. He has played on your server for years with his friends who have spent plenty of their parents money supporting your platform. I have raised a ban appeal which has not been received a response - i’m not happy. If you ban him give my money back...
    Hi I would like to add a request for the revamp. Can you add creative back? Please?? It would be cool if it was back like the old days of myth :)
    I bought some some stuff yesterday off website and because of rolebacks o lost it all is there any way i can get that stuff? IT was 5crop hoppers and a Mythic spawner pouch.
    No idea how I found this server, but I will say the SB looks great! I'll be trying that out when the reset opens.
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