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Recent content by OldQueen

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    - Kryptic Recruitment Thread -

    Minecraft IGN- 7zr Age- 15 Previous Factions?- Karma In game Rank (May Affect Chances)- Dont have 1 TimeZone- EST PvP Skills Out of 10- 10 Raiding Skills Out of 10- 3 Building Skills Out of 10- Base building 5 Trap building 10 Design 2 How Active are You? - I can be on 6-7 hours a day if...
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    OldQueen Ban Appeal

    Current In-Game Name: OldQueen In Game Name at Time of Ban: OldQueen Date Of Ban: 6/10/2018 12:30 Reason For Ban: Hacking{Proof} Person That Banned You: Squidy Server You Were Banned On: Facs Why You Should Be Unbanned?: Last time i was banned i got unbanned because the srmod who banned...