Hey everyone,

I’m excited to announce the launch of Prison Aquatic! As decided in the community poll we ran on Discord, we’ve completely revamped Prison to be non-op. This means a big change in the meta, enchants, crates, content and more! We hope you love the new realm!

We communicate actively with the community on Discord, so make sure to join at to stay up-to-date on everything Mythcraft related!


Read below to find out what you can expect to see with the launch of Prison Aquatic!


As decided in the community poll we ran on Discord, we have completely revamped Prison to be non-op. This means a big change in the meta, enchants, crates, content and more. We hope you love the new realm! All changes will be listed below individually!


We have switched the ranks to A-Z like the traditional prison style. Rank prices and prices per block will be reduced for the new non-op meta.

Kits, Lootboxes, Crates

Lootboxes, crates, lucky blocks, and kits have been reworked to fit the new non-op meta. You can still expect to receive the same great rewards from your RNG items. This change affects the enchants, tokens and other meta related rewards will be adjusted.

The locksmith crate has also been adjusted based on your feedback. The event gear in the koth crate has been improved.


We have changed the plot size to 31x31. You are able to purchase bigger plots using in-game using beacons via the beacon shop.

We’ve also implemented a new plots menu where you will be able to view your own plots, and view public plots sorted by rating. You are able to rate a plot between 1-5 and the plot with the highest rating will be shown first on the public menu.


The hammer enchant has been removed, as well as all token enchants have been rebalanced and repriced in accordance with the new non-OP meta.

Explosion will be the new meta enchant however the radius will not be as big as it may be on a traditional OP server.


This season we are completely removing mines A-Z and replacing them with private mines, every player will now start out with their own private mine with no sell multiplier. You can get better private mines from the store and crates that have a sell multiplier.

Public Listing:

You will now be able to open your mine up to the public, and it will be displayed in the public listing of the mines gui.


Your private mines will now be upgradable with beacons, you can purchase various upgrades for the mine such as how many members are allowed to mine at once in the mine.


You will be able to set the mine composition to whatever block you’d like!

Donor Mine Settings:

Just like last season you are able to set a tax percentage on your donor private mines so if you have an extra private mine you're not using you can open it up to the public and allow others to mine in it while you get money via the tax.

We will have much more settings and upgrades such as scenery, whitelist, blacklist and more available on launch for the mines!

Auto Miner

This season instead of auto miner being a place you warp to and AFK, you will now have an upgradable auto miner in your inventory upon login. You can upgrade it just as you would a pickaxe and apply pickaxe enchants to it. It will automatically mine for you while you are online.

This will help stop some of the automation happening last season as you will need to spend tokens to upgrade the auto miner for it to have any significant use. The auto miner works similar to an inventory pet but has upgrades and it’s own mechanics.


Pickaxe crystals are a way to boost your pickaxes! Each pickaxe has an empty crystal slot that can hold crystals. You can gain more pickaxe crystal slots by prestiging your pickaxe! Crystals can be obtained from a beacon shop, voting, crates and various loot tables around the server. If you take the crystal off your pickaxe it breaks!

This season we have introduced a new crystal, Mythic! We’ve also increased the multiplier for all the crystals and the block break requirements for the pickaxe crystal slots have been raised.

Don’t forget you can combine lower tier crystals at the Crystal Forger into one to make a crystal a tier above them!

In the Beacons section below we explain the brand new method of obtaining crystals!

Beacon Shop

You guys asked us to add more things to do with beacons and this season we have done just that! In addition to being able to upgrade your brand new private mines with beacons, you are now able to spend them in the beacon shop!

On launch we plan to have just pickaxe crystals available for purchase in the beacon shop but that can quickly expand into other items depending on community feedback.

Gang Upgrades

Thanks to the feedback from last season we will be improving the gang upgrades this season. Last season we completely revamped gang upgrades and turned them into a passive upgrade that needs to be fueled by energy.

We’ve increased the efficiency of the upgrades so they will be more useful to your gang and we have increased the amount of energy you will get for killing a creeper in the energy zone.


We have completely revamped the casino this season and are adding an INSANE new gambling game! We now have a brand new centralized /casino menu where you can access all casino games and read how to play each one!

Gambling Games:


  • Coinflip your money with other players by picking heads or tails!


  • Coinflip your tokens with other players by picking heads or tails!

[NEW] Beaconflip:

  • Coinflip your beacons with other players by picking heads or tails!

Rock Paper Scissors:

  • Coinflip your money with other players by picking rock, paper or scissors!


  • Purchase tickets into the jackpot lottery and gain a chance to win the whole pot!


  • Purchase drinks from the bartender for a chance to double your money!


Pearls are items you can find at random in blocks you mine. They come in all different shapes and sizes and can be traded with other players like all other items.

Based on your feedback we have developed individual loot tables for each pearl starting with small, ending with large. The large pearls will have the best rewards!

Hosted Events


We’ve been asking what you guys want us to add next to the host system and the most popular suggestion is SkyWars! So SkyWars will be making its debut launch on Prison Aquatic!

We’ve battle tested this hosted event on Skyblock over the last few weeks and have made major improvements to the loot, gameplay and even created a brand new map that can hold 24 players!


Due to popular demand we will be adding Sumo, it’s mechanics work the same way as cookie slap but you do not have any knockback items and you get one mid-air double jump boost per game.


We’ve designed a brand new map for LMS! We’ve also fixed the border issue so now the border will properly shrink as the match goes on for longer.


Delivery Man

This has been requested quite a bit last season and long overdue. We have completely redesigned the delivery man this season, you will now get proper rewards from the delivery man that will always be of use to your prison adventure, depending on your rank you will receive even greater rewards!

If you are boosting us on Discord the delivery man will give you a OP reward from an exclusive loot table!


We have once again improved voting this season. We now have voting milestones, voting lucky rewards, a new vote crate, and new vote rewards! You will now have a full list of milestone rewards that you will receive once reaching a certain number of votes each month.

The lucky vote rewards are rewards that have a chance to be activated with each vote. You can win things such as a robot, crates, and even loot boxes from lucky rewards!


This season we have fixed the issue with gangs being able to capture multiple outposts at once. A gang can only hold one type of outpost at a time to keep everything fair for all gangs.


This season we have increased the jackpot cap to 1T worth of ticks per pot. We’ve also fixed the issue with jackpot sometimes not drawing.


You are now able to shift click items into the tinkerer.

Mythic Pass

The Mythic pass has repeatable objectives and a leveling system inside it. Each time you level up your galaxy pass you will receive a random reward. The objectives will be grinding energy zone, fishing and mining based.

Everyone who purchases access to this season’s mythic pass for $10 can grind out the galaxy pass for rewards and level up your pass as you go.

The challenges and rewards are repeated, each week the top three players on Pass Top will receive the following rewards.

#1 - $10 Voucher

#2 - $7.5 Voucher

#3 - $5 Voucher

If you are Kraken rank you will have access to the Mythic-Pass and entry into Pass Top automatically!

Nitro Rewards

Did you know you can get a load of perks just by boosting us on Discord?  We have revamped the Nitro Lootbox this season! If you already have a Nitro subscription you get two free boosts included! Below are just some of the amazing perks you will receive upon boosting.

  • 1x Nitro Lootbox (available in-game via /reclaim once per season)
  • In-game Nitro Title
  • In-game Nitro Cosmetics
  • Better Deliveryman Rewards
  • Booster role in Discord, including the Booster badge and your name will be listed under staff!
  • In-game Pink Tab Name
  • In-game Pink Diamond on your display name
  • Nitro Booster line in your hover over display name

Balancing Changes

We're making the following balancing changes to allow for a better playing experience:

  • Event gear in the koth crate has been improved
  • Removed enchant pouches
  • Decreased chance to win an oil drill in crates and lootboxes
  • The lootbox exclusive title(s) have been changed, and will now change every season
  • Crystals have been removed from unicorn key to make room for more OP loot
  • Netherite armor has been rebalanced
  • Various balancing adjustments

Gameplay Changes (Misc.)

We're adding and tweaking the following content on Aquatic in addition to everything mentioned above:

  • The lightning from winning jackpot will no longer hurt you in pvp
  • You will now receive the oil in the robot when picking it up
  • We have added an automated message in chat to let players know of the /maxrankup command
  • Added /pm as alias for private mine
  • Fixed a bug with having multiple speed pets in your inventory and the boost not working correctly
  • Add a toggle to /settings to turn off the flying fish, bedrock players have been complaining
  • Robots have been removed from the realm
  • Performance improvements


Thank you everyone for supporting Mythcraft, if you have any questions or feedback please feel free to let us know on Discord!