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  1. Smuglez

    Favorite Animes

    u wont talk this shit at lan pussy square up
  2. Smuglez

    Favorite Animes

    you're delusional holy fuck also edit: all the anime you like are romance and drama ones so you obviously cant judge action shows like akame ga kill and fate stay night unlimited blade works also anime doesnt have plural ban him mods
  3. Smuglez

    Resolved Editer Ban Appeal

    if u made money by selling loot from spawners that the faction as a whole acquired, you take that money and leave the faction it's insiding dxxd
  4. Smuglez

    Seasons/TeamPipes RECRUITMENT THREAD

  5. Smuglez

    Seasons/TeamPipes RECRUITMENT THREAD

    IGN: Yuffy Age: 29 Rank: Immortal Country: London What languages do you speak?: I can barely understand any English, but I can read and translate IP's if thats to any use. Do you have TeamSpeak/Discord with a working mic?: I have a couple of teamspeak servers, I use them for my "farm". I dont...
  6. Smuglez

    Factions Custom Enchant Changes / Suggestions

    Enchant Name(s): 1) Frosty , 2) Nullify , 3) Tank , 4) Snare , 5) Plagued , 6) SEDATE PLEASE What it need(s) replacing with: 1) Removed , 2) Make it so it doesn't disable speed/fire res/water breathing , 3) Only gived 4 extra hearts, 4) Removed , 5) Removed (useless) , 6) REMOVE IT PLEASE IT...
  7. Smuglez

    [Community] Transparency

    remove all ce's besides the essentials such as speed/fire res/strength, make it harder to obtain creeper eggs, somehow differentiate frosty/spooky/battleset kits from the mythic kit, update statues @ spawn everytime a week passes and winners are announced, stabilize the way you give out...
  8. Smuglez

    Seasons/TeamPipes RECRUITMENT THREAD

    some of those questions are just stupid, like the last 2, they are never going to happen anyway. lol -1
  9. Smuglez

    Skyblock Suggestions

    I agree with the craft wand idea, but it'd be better to make it so you can choose between blocks or ingots through maybe a gui that you can access with a certain command? Also add a command that can auto put the gold blocks in ur inv. R E M O V E the ability to keep votes not redeem them...
  10. Smuglez


  11. Smuglez


  12. Smuglez

    [Factions] Everything

    ok lol
  13. Smuglez

    so i just wanted you to know

    I fuck wit jake hill fuck you this shit's good as fuck his flow is really good, the lyrics are shit but whatever