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  1. PapaGumBoy

    522Skye306 (Reporting)

    CLICK ME Not only myself but others in the server kindly asked this player to stop with the caps and spamming of random keys. He did not stop so I am here reporting him. Also, the Forums needs a section where you can report players (my opinion) Please take consideration ;) But yeah.. Here is...
  2. PapaGumBoy

    PapaGumBoy AKA Elderin

    Whats up everyone. My name is Elderin IG, but im more well known to PapaGumBoy (current nickname) now haha. I play on the survival server so feel free to say hello :) I am 21, in college, and from Iowa. I compete in sports or at least trying as covid has been a pain but on my free time I like to...