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  1. J

    Banned my a staff member not even on the list on a dead ass server LOL

    This server is a joke you have 100 bots "playing" you got 1-3 people that do nothing but afk 24 hours a day, and then theres me farming my ass off on a dead ass server where there is no one to pvp, no one to cap outposts, koth, dragon nothing. just little ole me and i get banned by a "mod" not...
  2. J

    Gkits Issues

    Just bought the Gkits, and when i try to use/open it /kits->gkits or /gkits i get this and cant do anything with it| Gamertag-SpriteSodas
  3. J

    Donation issues

    Since no one was able to help me as to where this is to be posted, its going here. I recently bought 2x Cobble gen(skyblock) and i have yet to receive them, i have the receits nessacary for proof, and as such would like what i bought, or money back.