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Important Creative Rules

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⛅ Creative Specific Rules:
(Last Updated 11th of November, 2020)
Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

Roleplay is a big part of creative, with that said we ask that you keep all roleplaying out of General Chat and only in the Role Playing Chat, Plot Chat and /Msg.
You may advertise your roleplay in main chat, but you will be punished if it is spammed.

1st Offense: Verbal Warning.
Further Offense: Staff Discretion depending on severity, e.i. Spamming, Flooding.

No Inappropriate Roleplays.
Roleplaying is one of the key parts of a creative server, however we don’t allow certain types of roleplay on our network. These include but are not limited to: Sexual Behaviour, Kidnapping, School Shootings and Torture.

1st Offense: 15m Mute.
2nd Offense: 30m Mute.
3rd Offense: 1h Mute.

Inappropriate Builds and Art.
This rule refers to builds and art that are and/or can be seen as offensive to other players. For example: a swastika. If unsure, ask a member of our staff team.

1st Offense: Warning and Build/Art Removed.
2nd Offense: 3d Ban and Build/Art Removed.
Further Offense: May result in bans at staff discretion in line with severity.

Use of Printer.
The use of printer is allowed on your plot.

Teaming in Events.
Agreeing with another person and not killing them then going to kill everyone else with that person in minigames is not allowed.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: 30m Tempban.
3rd Offense: 2h Tempban.

Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent. This does not include plots that are open to everyone. i.e. Plots that have Trusted/Added everyone to them.

1st Offense: 7d Ban.
2nd Offense: 14d Ban.
3rd Offense: Perm Ban.

Bypassing Plot Denies.
Any attempt at bypassing plot denies will result in the following punishments.

1st Offense: 1d Ban.
2nd Offense: Staff discretion, depending on severity.

No Discussing Slavery.
This includes but is not limited to; Discussing slavery in chat, slavery related roleplays and asking for slaves in terms of saying “Slaves for sale” or “Slaves wanted”, ect.

1st Offense: 15m Mute.
2nd Offense: 30m Mute.
3rd Offense: 1h Mute.

Important Information.
⬥Once the last punishment has been reached, the punishment time will then be doubled for every following occurrence.

⬥If your appeal has been denied you must wait 7 days before making another appeal.
Failure to wait the 7 days will result in immediate denial of appeal, and repeated offenses will result in further punishment.

Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

*Rules/Punishments may change at any given time, make sure you keep up to date with them.*
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