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Important Global Rules

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Global Rules:

(Last Updated 20th October, 2020)
Notice: These rules apply to all our gamemodes!

No Cheating, Illegal Modifications, Glitching or Exploiting.
We do not allow glitching or exploits of any kind. If something seems like you shouldn’t be doing it, contact a staff to make sure.
All modifications that are not listed below are classified as illegal.

Allowed modifications*:
⬥Mods that are for purely aesthetic purposes i.e. Shaders
⬥bspkrs’ mods
⬥Ingame Info
⬥Map Writer
⬥Damage Indicators
⬥5zig PvP Mod
⬥MouseTweaks (faster looting with drag shift click)
⬥Light Client
⬥Better Sprinting
⬥Toggle Sprint/Sneak
⬥Better HUD
⬥Replay Mod
⬥Voxel No Radar
⬥Kohi TcpNoDelay Mod
⬥Perspecitive Mod 3.0
⬥Zonix Client
⬥Litematica** newly added
Printer mods are not to be used in pvp**

Use the official download locations, if you download the incorrect mod even if it is named the same as one of the listed mods you can be banned. Using the Schematica mod (or any other mod) to download server owned builds (such as spawns/shops etc.) is illegal. Drag Clicking, and or other modifications to mouse-input device(s) to alter, affect, influence, change or similarly modify clicking capability is also illegal.

Punishment(s): Perm Ban

No Advertisement.

Any attempt to advertise a server is illegal, advertising indirectly by advertising a link or a stream that is advertising a different server is also illegal. Do not post any IP address or server domain names which can be used to connect to a server. Do not post the IP of other TeamSpeak servers. Do not post fake IPs or player IP addresses etc, we do not have time to check every single IP you post to check legitimacy.

This includes advertising accounts, hacked clients, software, etc.

Punishment(s): Perm Ban

Illegal Links.

You can only Link allowed urls as listed below, on our network.
You can only Link to the following sites: All are expected to be non-pornographic in nature. Those that violate this, will be punished, generally harshly.

⬥Image websites such as Gyazo, Imgur, Prntscrn, Puush
⬥Twitch [Mythcraft Related]

⬥Discord join links (Discord attachment links are illegal.) NOTE: Discord join links are only permitted in /msg and /or party chats and not in the global/public chats.

Screamer / Shock Links are not allowed at all. In any form. Note: Shortened URLs, by their very nature can not be allowed, due to inability to even know what they link to. This includes the URLs of this type given by our own site.

Punishment(s): 1st - 1d Mute | 2nd - 3d Mute | 3rd - 7d Mute | If Harmful - Perm Ban

No Spamming.

Spam is classified as any excessive, in excess, repetitive use or similar of characters, commands, or similar, in a general period of time. We define what is spam, and the allowed number of repeats over what period. Any use of racism, spam, or caps within messages is not allowed. Will be punished using temp bans if it is continued.

Punishment(s): 1st - 10m Mute | 2nd - 30m Mute | 3rd - 1h Mute

No Racism or Discrimination.

Any and all racism is unacceptable.
Any use of slang that is even moderately racist is against our rules. We define what is racist, you do not, do not argue with staff at all.

Your username, nick, town name, or similar, cannot be of discrimination or other hate speech. Do not join our server with a username that is in anyway offensive, culturally, religiously, racially, sexually etc. Doing so risks your account being banned. If you have any questions on rather or not your username is offensive, ask an admin or above before joining.

*Using any form of hate speech, racism, or homophobic words (and phrases) in any context towards anyone is strictly prohibited, regardless if intended to not be harmful. These include but are not limited to, town names, item names, chat titles, and public chat messages.

Punishment(s): 1st - 30m Mute | 2nd - 1h Mute | 3rd - 2h Mute

No Donation Scamming.

We do not allow the scamming of donations, if someone donates for you and you agreed to give them something in return you are obligated to do so or face the consequences. Note: All in game items/money etc can be scammed, for example someone can offer a donation for in game items and if you give them those items and they do not donate for you that is a legal scam. Notice: Scamming Vouchers Voucher Codes is also classified as donation scamming.

Punishment(s): Perm Ban

Server Policies are to be Obeyed.

All physical or virtual signs, warnings, notices, and similar that have been created by Server administrate staff are to be obeyed on that section by all users on that section, regardless of circumstance.

Avoid Deliberate Disruption.
There is no reason to Hackusate, complain about being scammed or killed legally in main chat.
Nor any reason to miss-use the help channel, site chat, or any other means of communication on our network, site, and any other service of ours.

This rule includes abusing our HelpOp feature in-game, doing so will result in the following punishments below being bans.

Punishment(s): 1st - 10m Mute | 2nd - 30m | 3rd - 1h Mute

No Evasion of punishment, Your account(s) are your Responsibility.

We are aware that some users 'share' accounts, account access or similar, however you are responsible for the actions of your account, and the accounts you connect to on your address. As such, any actions on any such accounts, will make you and those connected as well, held responsible. Avoiding any mute, ban, or punishment can not be avoided, evaded, redirected, or by any means no longer affecting your account(s), by means of alternate accounts, new accounts, shared accounts, public accounts, or similar.

Punishment(s): Mute Evading - Ip-Mute for double the original time
Ban Evading - Ip-Ban for double the original time

No impersonation of, harassment of, annoyance to or similar to Staff.

We are not here to be targets for your amusement, lied to, nor be impersonated for your own gain, advantage, use, or own purposes, nor is it allowed even as a joke.

Lying to staff is also not allowed on the server.

Asking our staff for items, ranks or OP is forbidden and will be punished with mutes or even bans.

➢ Punishment(s): 1st - 10m Mute | 2nd - 20m Mute | 3rd - 1h Mute

Real World Trade.

You cannot offer to trade hard currency (accounts, real-life money, steam items, gift cards etc.– anything that we cannot control) in chat. Attempting to bypass this rule by making a Youtube video or a post on another forum will result in punishment. You can still do a donation trade in chat, assuming it is for on the server itself.

➢ Punishment(s): 1st - Warning | 2nd - Perm Ban

English In Main Chat.

The server is an English chat only server we can't monitor a language we can't understand and as such we ask all conversations ingame to be in English, If you wish to speak another language use Teamspeak or Discord. We only ask this as it's for the safety of our community and a general guideline in place to keep them safe.

➢ Punishment(s): 1st - Warning | 2nd - 15m Mute | 3rd - 30m Mute

No Withholding evidence, nor association with violators.

Do not withhold evidence of a crime, offense or similar, for any reason. The act of making a player give you items, donations, vouchers, etc in return from you to not file valid evidence to punish a user is illegal. If you associate yourself with hackers in anyway, especially if you are teaming and or promoting hacking you run the risk of being banned. Staff will determine such offenses, not users.

➢ Punishment(s): Staff Discretion

Administrative Authority | Rule 14.

We of the network administration, and above, have the right to revoke, punish, remove or similar whenever and to whomever we believe fit.
If we don’t think you are a benefit to our community and are degrading our server we reserve the right to do as we please with you.

We also hold the right to make exception in any situation, if we believe it necessary or warranted.

Doxing/DDoS Threats/Spreading Personal Information.
You can not spread personal information of anyone, by any means on the network, or on any of services. As such, You can not link, post, write, leak or by any means 'release' a Dox, skype or similar. DDoS threats are also a violation of Chat restrictions and will be punished severely, regardless if in humor, indirect, or similar, any reference to such action or concept is also illegal. Any illegal links sent through messages will be deemed illegal as well regardless of severity.

(Personal information includes, addresses, names, schools/places of work, social media and pictures of person(s) and locations.)

This includes DDoS threats and Swatting threats.*

➢ Punishment(s): Perm Ban

Combat Logging.
You are not allowed to, under any circumstances do anything that would - remove you out of combat, circumvent the loss of items and/or head, bypass any teleportation cooldowns, command cooldown and restrictions, or remove you from the PVP zone illegitimately. You are also not allowed to use any combat exploits to kill players, including but not limited to block glitching, lightning wands through blocks or other exploits.

➢ Punishment(s): 1d Ban

Excessive Toxicity/Harassment.

The act of continuously using extremely harsh, malicious or harmful behavior.
The act of continuous harassment of players and/or staff members. Being negative has no purpose for anyone.

➢ Punishment(s): 1st - 3h Mute | 2nd - 6h Mute | 3rd - 12h Mute


Charging back any purchase made on the server. Players who were gifted an item that was charged back must appeal, and the charged back item(s) removed.

➢ Punishment(s): Perm Ban

Lag Machines/Cobble Monsters.

Machines made with the intention of declining the servers capable performance. (Ex. lowering the TPS to a point in which the server is unplayable.) If unsure of what we define as a lag machine, ask a member of our staff team.

➢ Punishment(s): 1st - 30d Ban | 2nd - Perm Ban

Automated Task/Botting.

Automating of ANY competitive task. This does not include use of console clients for AFK purposes.
Use of bots to advertise or spam in any capacity. Botting also includes but is not limited to having a large number of accounts walking around synchronized.

➢ Punishment(s): Staff Discretion

Important Information.
⬥Once the last punishment has been reached, the punishment time will then be doubled for every following occurrence.

⬥If your appeal has been denied you must wait 7 days before making another appeal.
Failure to wait the 7 days will result in immediate denial of appeal, and repeated offenses will result in further punishment.

Notice: These rules apply to all our gamemodes!
*Rules/Punishments may change at any given time, make sure you keep up to date with them.*
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