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Holy shit Groaning tysm


New Member
Ok just throwing it out there yesterday I was having moron attacks.
I bought a few things from the store, one of them being an Infusion III crystal. I throw it on a pick and test it out on a 5 block tall pillar I made. I break the middle block thinking that its diameter is 5x5, {me later learning the hard way that the 5x5 break is it's radius} and it destroys my entire puny island. All my chests shatter and all the shit I just bought fly into the void like fucking seagulls seeing a bag of chips on the beach. I literally start to panic. I came from another network where they have a hardline police on single item purchases, where if you loose it its gone and you wont get one back. So i throw out a desperate plea to Groaning who I expect to be another igore-the-player admin and HOLY SHIT HE WASN'T that boi tp'ed right to me and BOOOOM replaced the items.

Later I was making a cactus farm and I mis-click and place a Cropper where it shouldn't be. Me being the stable genius I am break the cropper just as items clear so the item is removed from existence.

I try my luck again and superGroaning appears into the sky and drops a cropper on my head.

Later I move the cropper setup to the edge of the chunk to save money on regular hoppers. When I break the cropper it decides to change gender like every Californian and become a regular hopper. Groaning appears to save the day again

what Im trying to say it THANKS GROANING HOlY FkJHGFhuYTGHj Like if it wasn't for you id like.. probably not have the items that I lost
so tHAnKs WOO