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Important Skyblock Rules

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Skyblock Specific Rules
(Last Updated 18th October, 2020)
Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

Island betraying / Island griefing
If you are an owner of an island with team members / team member of an island or have been set as a co-op player on an island you are prohibited from stealing anything that results in your own personal gain. This includes but is not limited to items, island bank money and blocks.
Damaging an island as an owner with team members or as a team member / co-op player is strictly prohibited

In the event a player chooses to leave an island that player may request items they placed to be returned
This includes helping a member of another island move items to your island and adding the value to your own.

1st Offense: Warning if items are refunded.
2nd Offense: Unban to return items then a 7 day ban
3rd Offense: Permanent ban

Auction House.
Posting items in the auction house to advertise shops or warps is prohibited.

1st Offense: Warning + item(s) Removed.
Further Offenses: 2day Ban Depending on severity + item(s) Removed.

In-Game scamming is ALLOWED
(However, Buycraft scamming is not. Buycraft scamming is only considered punishable if a player buys something off of buycraft for a deal in-game and the player does not give the agreed item(s) after the purchase was made. It is NOT considered bannable if you give your items first and the other person runs away with them. The exception to this is scamming while a staff member is a middleman)

Use of Printer
The use of printer is allowed on your own island.

Teaming in Events
Agreeing with another person and not killing them then going to kill everyone else with that person in minigames is not allowed.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: 30m Tempban.
3rd Offense: 2h Tempban.

Kill/Stat Boosting
Using your friends or alts to gain kills for challenges and missions is prohibited.

Trading Value
Trading or excessively donating value in-game that affects the top payouts is not allowed. All payout affecting deals must be approved by senior staff

Punishment: ALL illegal value removed + DQ for that week

Island Teaming
Teaming is not allowed whatsoever. This includes but is not limited to helping another island or players capture an outpost. This is considered boosting and can result in DQ depending on the severity.

TPA/Island Trapping or Killing
Teleporting players to you and trapping them to kill them is not allowed. This is also applicable in the pvp areas

1st Offense: 7 day Ban.
2nd Offense: Staff discretion.

Merging is allowed however, if you wish to take island value which will boost you on island top, it must be approved by an administrator. Merging of value will not be allowed until the map is one week old.

Punishment: ALL illegal value removed + DQ for that week

Island Selling
Buying or selling of islands for in game items/money or buycraft is strictly not allowed. (Ex. Buying Kraken for island value)

Punishment: ALL illegal value removed + DQ for that week

Any use of racism or hate speech within holograms is strictly prohibited

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: Staff discretion.

Buycraft Boosting
Players that want to do buycraft trades/or deals that will affect the top payouts for that week must be approved by an administrator +

ALL illegal value removed + DQ for that week

Automating of any competitive task that gives an unfair advantage over other islands is not allowed. This does not include use of console clients for AFK purposes.
This also includes any way to automatically harvest crop orbs, crop orbs are a manual grinding activity and have been balanced on the principle that they will be manually harvested.

This also includes the use of Macros.

Punishment: 7d Ban + DQ Depending on severity

Inappropriate Builds and Art
This rule refers to builds and art that are and/or can be seen as offensive to other players. For example, a swastika. If unsure, ask a member of our staff team

1st Offense: Warning and Build/Art Removed.
2nd Offense: 3 day Ban and Build/Art Removed.
Further Offense: May result in bans at staff discretion in line with severity.

Capturing more than one outpost isn't allowed, this makes it so that everyone gets a chance at capping one.

1st Offense: 1d ban + Outpost uncapped.
Further Offense: Staff discretion depending on severity

Important Information.
⬥Once the last punishment has been reached, the punishment time will then be doubled for every following occurrence.

⬥If your appeal has been denied you must wait 7 days before making another appeal.
Failure to wait the 7 days will result in immediate denial of appeal, and repeated offenses will result in further punishment.

Notice: these rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

*Rules/Punishments may change at any given time, make sure you keep up to date with them.*
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