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Hey everybody my name is JP I’m a really old player from a few years back, came back to chill and talk to some old friends since the server is under new ownership and all that jazz .

Some lil info I guess I’m 20 currently I am a part-time software developer / website designer and in the works of getting ready for law school at the moment! I spent about a year and a half working for Minecraft servers like Velt and Faithful and I owned my own server briefly that managed a steady 1000+ in the HCF community. Don’t know jack shit about the factions community or how factions even works anymore tbh haven’t played that shit since Horizon, and I was never really into skyblock.

I like cars. A lot. Sort of a second or third hobby I love working on cars im currently working on a 2JZ engine swap for my 2013 Subaru BRZ, and a twin turbo install on my 2012 bmw 328i!

Hm I like basketball and football mainly, (I want GS to win overall but I wanted it to be GS v Celtics this year. Not a lebron fan ;( ) I played in high school for my schools JV and Var teams anddd that’s ab it never made the university team :(.

Oh and pineapple on pizza is wrong.



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Nice to see an old player returning, Glad your coming back and such or been somewhat active i don't really know how long that'll last or what not but it's nice to see a familiar face.

Glad ya' here.