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Important Survival Rules

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Survival Specific Rules:

(Last Updated 19th October, 2020)
Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

Auction House.
Posting items in the auction house to advertise shops or warps is prohibited.

1st Offense: Warning + item(s) Removed.
Further Offenses: 2d Ban Depending on severity + item(s) Removed.

Inappropriate Builds and Art.
This rule refers to builds and art that are and/or can be seen as offensive to other players. For example, a swastika. If unsure, ask a member of our staff team

1st Offense: Warning and Build/Art Removed.
2nd Offense: 3d Ban and Build/Art Removed.
Further Offense: May result in bans at staff discretion in line with severity.

Do Not take any item not clearly marked as free or public (Unless if provided permission to do so) even from builds that look abandoned. It's best if you farm for yourself and gather from generated content within the map provided.

Punishment: 7d Ban + Item(s) Returned

Griefing is considered destroying or changing another player’s property or buildings without their consent in any protected and non protected areas. Do Not do it. This includes but is not limited to Glitching,cannoning, tnt boosting or ender pearling into someones base/town.

Punishment: 7d Ban + Item(s) Returned | Area Repaired

PvP/TPA Trapping/Killing.
PvP is only allowed at /warp colosseum. Anyone found tp trapping others into lava, piston traps or anything similar will be punished accordingly.

1st Offense: 7d Ban.
2nd Offense: Staff discretion.

Use of Printer.
The use of printer is allowed in your own town/claim.

AFK Fishing.
Afk fishing on the server is allowed as long as you’re actively paying attention to your PC. 30+ seconds of no response will be considered suspicious and using multiple accounts to grind is illegal.

Punishment: 1d Ban.

No Inappropriate town names.
Anyone caught using racial slurs or any other kind of inappropriate words in their town will be dealt with accordingly.

1st Offense: Warning.
2nd Offense: Staff discretion.

X-ray texture packs/modifications.
Any use of x-ray texture packs or illegal modifications is NOT allowed.

1st Offense: 30d Ban.
2nd Offense: Perm Ban.

Land/Town Claiming.
We completely encourage working as a team. However, there is enough room in the world for everyone, and intentionally intruding on someone else's private space out in the wild will not be tolerated. This includes purposely building or claiming around someone's house without asking for their permission.

*You’re allowed to visit other players towns/claims but if asked to leave please respect them and do so*

*Unused land chunks that are more than 2 months old, or land that is excessively destroyed with no purpose are subject to being reset and cleaned as if the land had not been touched. This can be done at the discretion of upper Staff.*

In-Game scamming is ALLOWED.
(However, Buycraft scamming is not. Buycraft scamming is only considered punishable if a player buys something off of buycraft for a deal in-game and the player does not give the agreed item(s) after the purchase was made. It is NOT considered bannable if you give your items first and the other person runs away with them. The exception to this is scamming while a staff member is a middleman)

Important Information.
⬥Once the last punishment has been reached, the punishment time will then be doubled for every following occurrence.

⬥If your appeal has been denied you must wait 7 days before making another appeal.
Failure to wait the 7 days will result in immediate denial of appeal, and repeated offenses will result in further punishment.

Notice: These rules serve in addition to the global rules.*

*Rules/Punishments may change at any given time, make sure you keep up to date with them.*

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